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We Are What We Eat - Video

We are what we eat

There is an alarming lack of knowledge of where our food comes from in today's consumerist culture. This ignorance needs to be addressed, as the source of our food has a huge effect on the health of our bodies and the health of our environment. The farms where our food is produced play a key role in this issue; however, this country, which was once based almost entirely on the industry of farming, has seen such a decrease in the practice that less than one percent of Americans are currently farmers.

Barrel Ridge Farm, in Lodi Township in Southeastern Ohio, has been a resource for Jackie O’s, a local Athens, Ohio restaurant and brewery, since 2010. The farm became a part of their business recently in an attempt to make the practice of small farming flourish again. It is run by a small staff and does its best to put what is right for the environment and community over what is right for their bank accounts.