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Current Projects


Current projects

Much of my current work focuses on sustainable agriculture, food access and local food systems. Check in occasionally on this page to see work in progress before final projects are published on my website.


Farm to Table Dinners

Spectacular food sourced from the very location of these dinners set among the beautiful small farms of Ohio makes for fun work.

Pictured to the left are images from a recent dinner at Front 9 Farm in Lodi, Ohio.


Food Access Initiatives throughout the Appalachian Region

A larger video series project has taken me on a journey across the Appalachian region through Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia and Kentucky. This project began as a collaboration with the Appalachian Center for Economic Networks and the Central Appalachian Network and is meant to highlight the work of various nonprofits across the region working on getting fresh, healthy food to their communities.

Below is a highlight video of the various projects.

Other Video Work

I have recently finished work for Ohio University’s Lost Crops project. This video highlights the student research of a native quinoa species that will soon hopefully be grown for harvesting again in the Southeast Ohio region.

Ohio University’s Biological Sciences department requested videos highlighting their diverse programing as well as the opportunities beyond an undergraduate career.

Pork and Pickles recently opened a kitchen at a local micro brewery, Devil’s Kettle. The butcher-owner of the business wanted a video produced to highlight their ethical sourcing, intentional preparation of food and quality of product to accompany their Kickstarter campaign.