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A Timeless Tradition

A Timeless Tradition

Drive-in movie theaters, one of America’s greatest past-times, continue to be a family summer activity. Though few theaters remain open, drive-in owners strive to include today’s generation.

While walking among vehicles as visitors park and prepare to watch the evening’s scheduled movies, old music hums from the still-functioning car speakers throughout the drive-in parking lot, immediately filling the atmosphere with a sense of nostalgia and warmth.

For many of the younger visitors, after arriving over an hour early and joining the line of cars that extends down the highway, excitement builds as they cozy the trunks of their parents’ cars with piles of blankets and pillows, preparing for the movie to begin.

Once seating arrangements are decided and popcorn is purchased, all that is left to do is wait for the sun to go down, signaling the start of the first of two movies for the night. Skyview Cruise-In in Lancaster, Oh. is one of the few drive-ins still open today. Husband and wife owners Walt and Cathie Effinger purchased the theater from its original owner 22 years ago and have put all of their effort into restoring and preserving its service for surrounding community members and all those who travel to continue one of America’s fading traditions. 

It really brings that feeling of nostalgia.
— Jed Hood